Hospital 03/09/2015

Sinteco Hospital Automation @ Centre Hospital Macon - Francia

The unit dose management system


The automated pharmacy at the Hospital Center of Macon

Athena is the answer to hospital needs.

The distribution process of medications in personalized unit doses begins with a computerized prescription, then the automated system produces the therapy for each patient.

The Centre Hospital Macon adopted the stand alone solution by the Sinteco Hospital Automation Division, composed of the Calypso OS and the Pegasus D. Calypso OS is the packaging machine which allows the packaging of medicines in unit doses.

Pegasus D, storage wardrobe, organizes and prepares each personalized therapy for patients through drawer clips, identification card, and unit dose applications.

The automated machines are managed through the integrated and flexible Athena system.

The Athena system favors the development of logistics flows and the optimization of processes, from prescription to therapy control to supply orders. The user interface is easy and intuitive, allowing users to add in the next step modules that enable the hospital to increase its management capabilities.