Hospital 06/06/2017

La automatización de la farmacia del hospital: la reducción de residuos y la optimización del inventario


Hospital pharmacy automation reduces expenses and optimizes stock​

Sinteco, a business division of Bucci Automations global company, points out considerable gains through hospital pharmacy automation processes. Reductions around 21% on pharmacy coverage stock and 26% of pharmaceutical expenses are some of them.

Brazil. The hospital pharmacy management is one of the main challenge for public and private hospitals, especially for the large ones. In order to solve this question, technology becomes an ally to open new horizons and generates cost saving to institution's administration, while enhances patient safety.

Sinteco, a business division of Bucci Automations global company, emphasizes that hospital pharmacy automation is already a worldwide trend. "Hospitals need to manage daily wide distributions of drugs, achieving considerable operation gains and ensuring patients receive the right drug, with the right dosage, and at the right time", said José Renato Marcuci, sales manager at Sinteco Hospitalar in Brazil.

A public health system in the region of Alexandria, Italy, called  ASL AL (Azienda Sanitaria Locale della provincia di Alessandria) has chosen Sinteco to implement an advanced automation solution. They decided to automate all hospital pharmacies of their five hospitals, supporting more than 700 beds. According to ASL AL' study, the public health system achieved 21% coverage stock reduction and 26% pharmaceutical expense cut, besides approximately 870 thousand euros therapeutic treatments saving per year, by using Sinteco's technology. As a result, ASL AL was recognized by JCI (Joint Commission International), receiving a "Quality Award" for the adoption of an automated management method aimed excellence and real practices to improve health services, reduce risks, increase patient satisfaction and motivate its employees.

Marcuci highlighted that hospital pharmacy automation brings more security and flexibility to processes, once stock and personalized distribution of drugs must be no longer manual to become automated and robotized, as an ongoing and integrated process. "Our automation solution is able to supply unit doses from various galenic forms, such as pills, capsules, ampoules, vials, syringes and bags, storing and separating them according to medical prescriptions. In less than a minute, the prescribed drug is grouped and individually identified by patient with its data, such as bed, hospitalization type, prescribed drugs and administration times, bringing simplicity and agility to the entire distribution process", said José Renato. "As the automation involves all internal drug logistics chain at hospitals - from drug unitarization to its patient distribution -, It is possible to reduce costs, optimize logistic and provide total drug track. Additionally, errors and reworks from manual processes are also drastically minimized", he concluded.

About Sinteco

Sinteco, a business division of Bucci Automations global company, has become a worldwide leader in industrial automation with more than three decades of experience in creation, development and manufacturing of advanced machines and robotic solutions. In 2002, the company has created its Hospital Automation business unit entirely dedicated to automated system projects for hospital market. Since its founding in Italy, Sinteco has implemented more than 2,700 solutions in several countries - around 50 of them are in active hospitals. Sinteco is also strategically present  in Brazil with a subsidiary in Vinhedo (city in São Paulo state), providing high-quality aftermarket structure and technical services to meet customer's demands throughout the whole national territory.

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