Hospital 02/03/2017

Athena, el sistema de gestión de la dosis unitaria @ University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust



Pharmaceutical robot for the improvement of the medication management in hospitals 

The medication pathway is a complex process that incorporates abundant clinical risk issues as well as logistics aspects.
After documentation receiving, one can identify main areas where medication errors might occur during this process: prescribing, transcribing, preparation, dispensing and administration.
Reducing medication errors, improving quality and controlling the costs of the medication distribution process remains of the utmost importance!
Improving the medication pathway implementation of unit dose medication system in the internal medicine departments. 
The unit dose management system is an automated pharmacy-coordinated method of dispensing and controlling medications in organized health-care setting. Athena, the unit dose management system, is successfully operational, leading to substantial improvements in logistics, risk and healthcare expenses reduction. 

Caring at its best - Take a look at our solution installed at University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust  

Athena is the cutting-edge solution to increase the workflows activities, saving the nurses’ time and improving the patients’ safety.

EL SISTEMA ATHENA: sistema de gestion de la dosis unitaria

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