Reconocimientos 03/10/2016

Sinteco - patrocinador oficial de la carrera de relevos más antiguo de Italia, el "24 ore di San Martino"



39 registered teams - more than 900 attendees- 24 hours of relay race. From 8th to 9th October 2016, at the multisport stadium of Belluno.

The 43rd edition of the "24 Ore di san Martino”, relay race (24 x 1 h), is one of the most important social events in the province of Belluno, organized  without interruption since 1974!
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“The Sinteco Trophy” (Young’s Trophy)

The activity dedicated to the youngest people. At the end of the main competition, the “24 ore Giovani” will begin, a Swedish relay in which every team composed by 4 athletes runs for 200 m. – 400 m. – 600 m. – 800 m.
This race has the aim to involve kids between 10 and 15 years old that have seen their parents participating in the relay race, in order to spread the run passion also to young people.


Sinteco event’s official sponsor

Sinteco is the new sponsor of “24 ore di San Martino”, in particular of “Trofeo Giovani”, the relay race dedicated to young athletes between 10 and 15 years old.  
The company, one of the most important supplier of automation and robotics in Italy and in the world, will be present at “C.A.R.L. Farrese” booth and will actively take part in the race.
Sinteco, since always careful to cultivate knowledge and passions that already animate people’s hobbies, will take part in the event with its “Sinteco Running Team”, composed by 26 people prepared to put themselves to the test. Take part in the race means live together a nice experience, immersing yourself in the territory’s heritage.
“Sinteco Running Team” is ready to compete with great team spirit, sporting activity and cooperation… The enthusiasm is high; see you on 8th and 6th October, at multisport stadium of Belluno, to support Sinteco Running Team!

Sinteco is the heart of automation!