Ödüller 24/01/2018

Sinteco Official Partner of VIVIDOLOMITI


Sinteco Official Partner of VIVIDOLOMITI​

"If you feel like discovering, you will certainly feel the need to go further"
- Walter Bonatti -

ViviDolomiti represents the passion for the mountain in all its forms: sports, historical, cultural and literary.
The organization was founded for the purpose of stimulating the projects related to mountain publishing and the progress of mountain culture from youth initiatives to the promotion of the territory.

Learn more: www.vividolomiti.it 

The new SCHIARA book

“As lovers of the Dolomites mountains, we have always been convinced that there is no such a best alpinism. Thus, after years of books dedicated to classic alpinism, artificial climbing, and rediscovery of obsolete routes, we published the collection “SCHIARA - storia e immagini dell’Alpinismo Bellunese” (SCHIARA - history and images of the mountain-climbing of Belluno). Three volumes dedicated to the historical-sportive alpinism routes narrated through the events that took place in the mountain group of Schiara, Unesco heritage, always a mountain-symbol of Belluno.” -  ViviDolomiti Team