Assembly 06/09/2017

Una instalación, 20 celdas modulares y bien 13 robots scara innovativos


A Plant, 20 Modular Cells and 13 Innovative Scara Robots

Sinteco designs and manufactures machines and plants for automation and industrial robotics. These turnkey solutions are indeed complex automation, as in the case of the line developed for the assembly of a specific brushless motor and addressed to the automotive industry. A plant made of 20 modular cells in which 13 models of cutting-edge Scara robots with 600 mm radius have been adopted.

20 modular cells to increase productivity

Sinteco has manufactured an automatic line for the assembly of a specific brushless motor and addressed to the automotive industry. Some parameters thoroughly describe all the main processes on the line: these are speed, cycle time and efficiency.
The 200 square meters plant assembles and tests with high performances more than 30 components. Its cycle time is 15 sec per piece. Sinteco achieved the efficiency of a high production cycle manufacturing by changing process organization and obtaining quick assemblies due to a plant made of 20 modular cells. Fully independent, these cells are actual flexible production models. Each one is equipped with a PLC unit, pallet recirculating transport system, operator panel for a full control of the operations performed internally, robot and press. The flexible solution is fruitful and the capacity to handle highly complex assembly and control technologies allows Sinteco to manufacture very innovative solutions. Such a philosophy guarantees supply quality, as each module can be designed and manufactured as an independent machine, thus working concurrently on several areas with dedicated work teams. This solution is also winning for the customer, as it makes possible to reduce set-up times, optimize maintenance operations and speed up both assembly and testing. The integration of other work stations is extremely quick and efficient and impacts only the cell in which they are installed, not the whole line.
Refined, autonomous and smart, the robotized modular cells are capable to exchange information autonomously, thus optimizing both production cycle and energy consumption, also minimizing costs and production times.


The line also integrates 13 Scara robots and 10 electric presses​

13 Scara robots, 10 electric presses, several volumetric dosage systems, precision scales to control the dosed quantity, seal tests, in addition to around 20 vision systems, from the simplest for model detection to the most complex to control the correct positioning of components with micrometric repeatability, have been integrated within the line. Besides, each component is loaded with automated systems for separating trays or carts. Master cycle handling is fully automated and featured by great accuracy in components manipulation. During the assembly process, the analysis station with electronic handling ensures high precision in insertion, screwing, calibration and tension testing stages. Its applications are manifold: from quality control due to the several vision systems to assembly stages diagnostics through dedicated sensors, up to electric pressing with force/ displacement control, components magnetization and lubrication with volumetric check and dosed quantity weighing, and so on. A station of the plant is dedicated to seal as well as functional tests, followed by product packaging through laser marking. All the information about the assembly and testing process are stored in the database. Sinteco experience guarantees the plant design and manufacturing, not only regarding pure mechanics, but also in order to provide the customer with the highest process reliability. The attention has also been paid to projects management as well as quick response, in order to provide a complete and tailored service that meets project timing. This is only one of the several examples from Sinteco that strongly rely on innovation and high quality.

Sinteco is the heart of automation