Hospital 22/07/2016

Sinteco en el 38º Encuentro Catarinense De Hospitais



From 24th to 26th August 2016, Florianópolis – Brazil

The Encontro Catarinense de Hospitais is the annual meeting dedicated to the hospital and health field, organised by AHESC (Hospitals Association in Santa Catarina country), FEHOESC (Federation of health services in Santa Catarina) and FEHOSC (philanthropic Hospitals Federation of Santa Catarina). The meeting will take place in the Centro de Convenções of Florianópolis, the radiant capital city of Santa Catarina (one of the most important economic centers in Brazil).
Congress’s aim is to trace the future of the field, proposing solutions for problems of hospital management, the care for internal prevention of clinics and the improvement of patient’s safety. 
The meeting is totally directed to hospital target: from the hospital structure manager to the health council of state.
During the event, there will be numerous conferences, but the visitor will be particularly interested about the exhibition area; over 90 companies will represent the whole sector and will stimulate the attention to new technologies’ application in the hospital field.
Sinteco will be present with its Hospital Automation division and will show the Athena system, the automated solution of unit dose management for hospital pharmacy.


Athena  - The unit dose management system

The unit dose management system, Athena, has been designed in order to meet the real needs of the hospital structure. It is not a simple serial system (packaging-storing-delivering), but a network of automations where each component is connected to the others. This allows notable practical, economic and qualitative advantages. The system optimizes logistics flow, allows full traceability of the medications, and improves health care by avoiding therapeutic errors! The unit dose experience is the best choice for your patients!

Process of unit dose packaging

  • Reliable and safe productivity
  • Completely automatic cutting
  • Packaging of medicines with different sizes (Blisters, phials, flasks, capsules, syringes, bags,..).

Storing of doses

  • Capacity of completely modular archiving
  • Database updating in real time
  • Medicament’s expiry control
  • Automatic management of the inventory
  • Integration with hospital management software

Personalized prescriptions

  • Automatic prescriptions’ production
  • Integration with customer’s prescription software
  • Flexibility and adaptability to customer’s needs

The unit dose experience is the best choice to increase work flow efficiency and to improve patient’s safety!

We will be glad to receive and show you our solutions; we will be waiting for you at Centro de Convenções Florianópolis!

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