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Medica 2017 – Review



Medica - the world forum of medicine, Düsseldorf (Germany)

Sinteco Hospital Automation at Medica trade fair: high-tech solutions for hospital pharmacy

At Medica trade fair, Sinteco exhibited the combination of Pegasus, computerized cabinet of the Athena system for storage and dispensing of medications into unit dose formula, and the pneumatic tube system by Ing. Sumetzberger GmbH ( This solution, dedicated to the pharmacy hospital, allows: packaging, storing and dispending of medications into unit dose. It is not a simple serial system, but a network of automations where each component is connected to the others. This allows notable practical advantages, economically and in terms of quality. 

The system optimizes logistics flow, allows full traceability of the medications, and improves health care by avoiding therapeutic errors! The unit dose experience is the best choice for your patients!


Learn more: Athena - the unit dose management system

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The outstanding trade fair MEDICA 2017

“MEDICA has always had a high degree of international impact, and this remains their trump card. Top decision makers from around the world come together here and see the huge breadth of what we have on offer, which is the international frontrunner and has yet to be beaten”, Joachim Schäfer, Managing Director of Messe Düsseldorf, said, summing up the four-day run (from 13-16 November 2017) of the world’s biggest medical trade fair and the international leading specialist trade fair for the supplier market for the medical technology industry. Of a total of 123,500 professional visitors, over 60% came from countries outside Germany, from 130 different countries. Among these were visitor groups with members who were the top of their field, from China, India, Columbia and Nepal, along with visitor groups from the most important markets for medical technology in Europe who have attended for years and years. 
MEDICA also proved to be first place globally in terms of its exhibitors; Joachim Schafer underlined this: “A large proportion of our 5,100 exhibitors came from abroad, from 66 countries, presenting innovations covering all the needs for the outpatient and inpatient care sectors. Despite the renovations taking place in our trade fair premises and the fact that the area that housed Halls 1 and 2 was not available for this year’s MEDICA, we hit the same booking profit as the previous year. With the temporary lightweight construction Halls 3a and 18, we were able to respond to almost all requests for exhibition space successfully.”
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Sinteco is grateful for the great show of participation and the remarks from the visitors confirming the company’s success! 

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