Hospital 24/11/2016

MEDICA 2016 – Review



Medica - the world forum of medicine, Düsseldorf (Germany).

Great success of Sinteco at Medica 2016 in Düsseldorf.
The company attests the excellence of its solutions for the unit doses management in the hospital field. Sinteco thanks all visitors, its clients and partners for visiting its corporate stand.

Sinteco Hospital Automation at Medica trade fair

At Medica trade fair, Sinteco exhibited the combination of Pegasus, computerized cabinet of the Athena system for storage and dispensing of medications into unit dose formula, and the pneumatic tube system by Ing. Sumetzberger GmbH ( This solution, dedicated to the pharmacy hospital, allows: packaging, storing and dispending of medications into unit dose. It is not a simple serial system, but a network of automations where each component is connected to the others. This allows notable practical advantages, economically and in terms of quality. The integration of the pneumatic tube system provides more performance:  the medications are transported in the ward eliminating human errors and waiting times.
The Hospital Automation division’s aim is to put in the center the requirements of the pharmacy and to ensure the safety of the patient. 
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MEDICA 2016, the powerful stimulus for the international medical technology industry 

Once again, the world’s biggest medical trade fair MEDICA, which takes place annually at the Exhibition Centre of Düsseldorf, has provided a powerful stimulus for the international industry of the technologies for hospitals, laboratories and pharmacies. In addition to exciting topics highlighted during the conference (from the digitalization of healthcare services to the forum dedicated to patient satisfaction) which have electrified everyone in the sector; it has been noticeable that, above all, the business relationships between providers and clients have fundamentally changed. Pure product orientation is a thing of the past. Medical technology companies negotiate systems partnerships with hospitals and medical facilities that are designed for the medium/long term within the scope of comprehensive process optimisation. During the four days of the trade fair, from 14th to 17th November 2016, specialists from all sectors of the health industry (coming from 140 countries) ensured that the daily intake of visitors was consistently high (127,800 total attendance). The number of exhibitors is increasing, indeed over 6.072 attendees, of which 5,277 for Medica and 795 for the side event / exhibition Compamed, in the 19 halls of the trade fair. Medica is confirmed to be the leading exhibition dedicated to the medical market.

Sinteco is grateful for the wide participation and the appreciation of visitors which confirm the success of the company.

See you at EAHP 2017, in Cannes (FR), 22–24 March 2017