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EAHP 2017 - Review



EAHP – European Association of Hospital Pharmacists


The solution to hospital needs, from the pharmacy to the patient

The congress EAHP in Cannes concluded a short time ago, and the participation of Sinteco from March 22nd to 24th highlighted a big welcome and a great response from the many pharmacists who visited the stand. 
In this 22nd edition, Sinteco exhibited the combination of Pegasus, a computerized cabinet of the Athena system for storage of single dose sachets and automatic preparation of personalized medications, and the pneumatic tube system by Ing. Sumetzberger GmbH (



Athena - The unit dose management system

Athena has been realized in order to meet the real needs of a structure. It is not a simple serial system (packaging-storing-delivering), but a network of automations where each component is connected to the others. This allows notable practical advantages, economically and in terms of quality. The system optimizes logistics flow, allows full traceability of the medications, and improves health care by avoiding therapeutic errors!
The unit dose experience is the best choice for your patients!


Congress of the EAHP

The congress was bustling with visitors, with more than 3500 delegates and pharmacists from over 70 countries who participated in the event. It is an excellent result for the companies not only because of the exposure, but also for the various conferences, the keynote dedicated to the scientific programs "Hospital pharmacists – catalysts for change”. 
EAHP represents and develops the hospital pharmacy profession in Europe in order to ensure the continuous improvement of care and outcomes for patients in hospitals. This result is achieved through science, research, education, practice, and sharing of best practices and responsibilities with other healthcare professionals. EAHP is an international organization that includes more than 18,000 members coming from 34 European countries.
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Sinteco is grateful for the great show of participation and the remarks from the visitors confirming the company’s success! 

We’ll wait for you at the next event:
MEDICA trade fair @ Dusseldorf - November 13-16, 2017!

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