Hospital 26/02/2016

EAHP 2016 - Preview



The answer to the needs of the hospital pharmacy

At the 21st Congress of EAHP, March 16th – 18th, Sinteco will exhibit Pegasus, computerized cabinet of the Athena system for storage of medications, integrated to PTS, the pneumatic tube system by Ing. Sumetzberger GmbH

The focus of this solution is on the therapeutic safety of the patient, since it allows:

  • packaging of medications into unit doses;
  • the collection and storage of the unit doses;
  • the preparation and delivery of personalized therapies;
  • transport and delivery of therapies to the patients.

The Athena system is 100% integrated with the operating system of the hospital and provides a useful tool for monitoring of drugs/medications, management of returns, and reduces medication errors.


The pneumatic tube addition allows the system to perform more quickly; in fact, the drugs/medications are transported and delivered safely and in real time, eliminating wait times.

The Athena system improves hospital structure performance, offers complete efficiency and effectiveness of the process, automates drug/medications management, and increases the safety by ensuring administration of the correct medication to the patient. Athena: concrete support for the pharmacy staff

Come and see our solutions for the hospital field! We look forward to meeting you at our stand 117 in Hall X2, Austria Center Vienna.

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