Hospital 31/03/2020

Unit Dose Dispensing System: The St. Luc University Hospital in Bruxelles talks about their experience with Sinteco Technology





The St. Luc University Hospital in Bruxelles has successfully implemented an automated system to dispense unit-dose medications directly to the wards.


"We have chosen automation for medication dispensing mainly for the safety that this system guarantees for the preparation and delivery of the treatment, for the speed it provides in creating the therapy as close as possible to the patient and for the patient's own safety, since automation assures the traceability of the entire loop, reducing the risk during the administration phase".

These are some of the advantages Miss Stéphanie Quennery, pharmaciest at St.Luc Hospital, has listed using Pegasus and Betrace Machines from Sinteco.

Miss Quennery talks about St.Luc experience on implementing such an amazing project, with the important “mind-set changing” on the whole structure of the hospital and the importance to train the resources and follow them on the start-up of process.

Right now the 98% of the therapies are completed by the automation, thanks to the robot dispensing to the ward and only the 2% of medications are delivered from the central pharmacy, for really specific and rare treatments.

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