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Case Study: Success Story at Oulu University Hospital

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Revolutionizing Medication Management: Sinteco's Impact at Oulu University Hospital

Oulu University Hospital (OYS), the northernmost of the five university hospitals in Finland, is a leader in patient care and the adoption of innovative technologies. With a capacity of 1000 beds, OYS sought to enhance its operational efficiency and patient safety through advanced automation solutions.

Initial Needs and Objectives

OYS's primary need was to implement a unit dose solution to increase efficiency, reduce clinical risk, and achieve Closed Loop Medication Management (CLMM). To meet these goals, the hospital required a reliable and versatile technology.

Operator installing pharmacy automation

The Sinteco Solution

Sinteco addressed this challenge with a comprehensive proposal that perfectly matched the hospital's needs. The modular system provided by Sinteco enabled the creation of unit doses from all types of medications, which were then delivered directly to the wards via a pneumatic tube system. The installation, completed in 2023, included:

  • 2 Calypso OMNIA
  • 1 Calypso OS
  • 5 Pegasus
  • Direct integration with the Pneumatic Tube System

Achieved Results

The implementation of Sinteco's technology at OYS resulted in numerous benefits, making this project a true success story for both the company and the hospital:

  1. Error Rate Reduction: The advanced technology significantly reduced errors in medication management, improving the accuracy of drug administration.
  2. Increased Patient Safety: Automated medication management greatly enhanced patient safety by minimizing the risk of incorrect dosages.
  3. Optimization of Human Resources: Automation allowed for better allocation of staff, enabling healthcare professionals to spend more time on direct patient care.
  4. Centralized Solution: The centralized solution facilitated easier management and control of medications throughout the hospital.
  5. Efficient Integration: Direct integration with the pneumatic tube system made the medication distribution process fast and efficient.
Pharmacy Automation for Hospitals Pegasus Sinteco


The project at Oulu University Hospital exemplifies how Sinteco's technology can revolutionize medication management in a major hospital.

Through a modular approach and seamless integration with existing systems, Sinteco enabled OYS to achieve its goals of efficiency, safety, and innovation. This success story highlights Sinteco's commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions tailored to the specific needs of the healthcare sector.

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