Industrial 17/01/2018

Sustainable and innovative solutions


Passion and creativity to create sustainable and innovative solutions

Sinteco is the perfect partner for customized assembly and testing solutions. From supporting process development to delivering modular and flexible automation, Sinteco has the experience and technology to meet costumers manufacturing needs. (Modular automation solutions, higher flexibility of the systems through increased functionality and data management using the latest technologies suited to high-volume series production.)

The organization is addressed to increase customers’ satisfaction during the entire design, manufacturing, set-up, installation and technical assistance cycle. Everything was designed to reset any fault risk: the perfect combination of experience and creativity.
“Our task is to listen to and understand the needs of our customers to meet them completely” Says the mechanical designers’ team.  “The requirements of demand are mandatory in terms of either product features or the controls to ensure them; on the other hand, as for the assembly method and system complexity, searching for simple solutions that guarantee a quick ROI is a very good idea. We have then a combination of synergies: a mix of ideas and experiences that favours relationships between people, make them passionate to projects and encourage them to participate”. 

Sinteco a Bucci Automations Spa Division is one of the main manufacturers of customized, high-productive automated solutions for the assembly and testing of industrial applications and medical devices.

Sinteco is the heart of automation!