Industrial 29/03/2017




This year, the Italian enterprises will benefit from a unique and unrepeatable opportunity thanks to be able to deduct from their taxable income 250% of the value of machinery through the Industry 4.0 plan. Essentially these machines represent the future of how we work in the company, because they can connect themselves to Internet and allow us to have the absolute control. For years Bucci Automations SpA is one of the promoters and suppliers of such technology.

SINTECO - Robotics and Automation

In a trade necessarily flexible and prompt always more by the innovative and steady growth, the complete reliability and the high quality of products are the real industrial purposes. To deal with this Sinteco, thanks to over 30 years of experience and to advanced systems of modular design, is able to conceive extremely flexible automation and process solutions, combining advanced technology and quality. Everything is studied and realized in order to reset every lack risk.

Every day, thanks to Sinteco assembly and testing systems, millions of individual components will become new product ready to be launched.
The automated system of Sinteco guarantees quality assembled products, and pays attention to the interaction man-machine elements necessary for the new Smart Factory. Sharing data and their optimal use improves production planning and plant management. This allows the configuration of the work cycles and ensures the monitoring of each stage in real time. Sinteco supports customers in the design, development and production of specific solutions. As a reliable partner for industrial automation, Sinteco helps to increase the profitability of processes and thus the competitiveness of the customer.

The future is now with…. Industry 4.0.

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Not only Sinteco, but also Iemca is among the suppliers of Industry 4.0. Find out more: