Innovation 21/02/2024

Mechanical and Electronic Cams in Industrial Automation


Mechanical technology and digital development in automation for cams systems

The constant advancement of the digital world has had a strong impact on mechanical technologies, which have embarked on a path of evolution towards electronics, leveraging cutting-edge computer instrumentation to introduce new functions and features.

Within the context of industrial automation, this evolution has involved various aspects, including the use of cams, the technology underlying automated motion. Currently, solutions based on mechanical cams are preferred for the realization of assembly plants. However, with the introduction of programmable electronic and hybrid systems, there is the possibility of making changes to assembly lines in a more agile and rapid manner.

mechanical cam application

The mechanical cam: the most widespread technology in industrial automation

The mechanical cam is the most known and used form in various sectors, where an irregularly shaped element, anchored to a rotating shaft, transforms rotary motion into desired linear motion, through the designed cam profile.

It is the most widespread technology in the world of industrial automation primarily due to material durability, which is why it is more commonly applied to assembly plants requiring greater strength and durability. Its widespread use implies reduced design and production costs compared to electronic solutions, despite offering less flexibility for modifications.

At Sinteco, mechanical cams are designed and drawn by our team of specialized technicians and are used for assembly lines with rotary tables and transfers. For the tailored production of cams destined for our automation systems, we collaborate with selected suppliers capable of meeting our high standards of quality and compliance.

The extensive experience of Sinteco's technicians in designing automation systems for various industrial sectors allows for the study and formulation of the most suitable mechanical solution for the specific product and customer requirement, calibrating the speed and force of automated movements from the cams based on the characteristics of the materials processed and production needs.

electronic automated system

Electronics cam solutions for flexible industrial automation

Thanks to the introduction of electronics and digital technology, the concept of the mechanical cam has evolved into a programmable and configurable system to achieve desired motion at a predetermined speed.

Through electronic cam solutions or hybrid solutions, the cam and line shaft are replaced by digital instrumentation such as sensors and servo drives that provide the necessary information to produce the desired movement through an electronic signal, configured to coordinate machine functions.

The ability to reprogram electronic cams to redefine movements allows for greater flexibility in modification and usage in industrial automation systems, proving particularly effective in assembly lines at moderate speeds and in automation plants subject to frequent modifications for model changes.

For the application of hybrid and electronic solutions to automation systems, the Sinteco team, comprised of expert designers and software developers, collaborates to program electronic devices and cams to execute motion at the desired speed. The use of specialized personnel and cutting-edge technology implies higher costs compared to mechanical solutions, in favor of greater flexibility for modifications as needed.

the sinteco experience

The expertise of Sinteco Team in custom solutions for automation

In designing custom-made indutrial automation systems for companies, Sinteco relies on experienced technicians and designers capable of designing solutions suitable for the automation needs of customers, taking into consideration production requirements and implementation costs, with an eye toward the future.

Our extensive experience in industrial automation across diverse sectors enables us to design efficient and durable mechanical cam solutions and to be ready to create innovative assembly systems using hybrid and electronic cams, tailored to meet specific requirements.

For further informations, our Sales Team is ready to answer to all questions regarding Sinteco solutions and technology.