Industrial 26/06/2017

Over 30 years of successes


Over 30 years of successes​

Sinteco designs and manufactures machines and “turn-key” lines for industrial automation and robotics, through high customised solutions, with the main purpose to innovate more and more the production process of the customer. Sinteco, with a strong and high qualified team, faces and satisfies complex needs in industrial fields which require a first phase of research and development, that then realises itself in machines or whole industrial lines completely integrated in customer’s production realities. We are talking especially about automotive, medical, consumer, mechanic, electrical and electronics fields. 
The Hospital Automation division represents the further offer of Sinteco in hospital field, providing specific automations for the complete traceability and unit dose management of medicines, guaranteeing the correct administration of the medication to the patient.
Since 2003 Sinteco is part of Bucci Industries Group. The high international vocation of the new ownership has enabled Sinteco to export with success its own Know How  in the main industrialised countries around the world. Today Sinteco is proud of its significant installations in the majority of European countries, in USA, Central America, Brazil, Middle East and China. 

Sinteco is the heart of automation!