Hospital 24/10/2017

Athena, the unit dose management system @CHDN - CENTRE HOSPITALIER DU NORD (Luxembourg)


Athena, the unit dose management system at CHDN - CENTRE HOSPITALIER DU NORD​

Hospital site of Ettelbruck and Wiltz

Ettelbruck, Luxembourg​. CHdN, with more than 357 beds, implemented Sinteco automated solution, focusing on unit drug dose dispensing. The technology brought more security and speed to all hospital's processes, turning drug logistics chain more flexible in order to provide specific requirements for each hospital area. 

By automating and making internal processes less bureaucratic, the results soon appeared as 15% reduction on global drug acquisition and 60% optimization on pharmacy's human resources. Additionally, thanks to the more efficient drug dispensing achievement, CHdN increased his exposure all over the region and became a reference point in the health services’ field.


Read more at the following link: Athena - the unit dose management system

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