Hospitalar 08/03/2019

Sinteco Hospital Automation in Latin America most technologically advanced Hospital


The brand new "Carlos Haime" University Hospital has been recently inaugurated in Cartagena (Colombia). It is part of the "Centro Hospitalario Serena del Mar" hospital complex.

It is the most modern hospital in Latin America, moved by a vision totally focusing on the patient's well-being, thanks to the use of the best technologies available in the medical and hospital sectors, the qualified personnel, and the innovative architectural design promoting health through contact with nature and art.

Technological solutions developed by Sinteco Hospital Division are key components of this project. The Hospital has indeed chosen Sinteco to manage process automation and unit dose management. Calypso machines take care of the cutting and packaging of medications into unit doses, while Pegasus cabinets (as shown in the picture) store and distribute the personalized therapies in a completely safe and computerized way.

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