Industriel 26/01/2018

Partenaires faibles et compétents pour le succès


Reliable and expert partners to the success

With more than 30 years of experience in assembly technology and the ear to the market, Sinteco offers to its customers a reliable technology with state-of-the-art equipment. Sinteco not only designs and manufactures excellent solutions, but also takes on the challenge of brand new products and process developments, based on customer needs. In doing so Sinteco integrates assembly and testing processes within its platforms. The benefit of every customized production system consists of tested and reliable function modules which ensure reliable, efficient production and short delivery times.

The automated line competitiveness stands above all in its performances, founded on both its reliability and the innovative features of any single component, coming from accurate research and selection. The integrations added within Sinteco lines DNA result in a safe and precise assembly in all the stages of processing and handling. In fact, when the challenge is to automate production processes, the aims, on one hand, to improve either product quality or process and, on the other hand, to control constantly the same processes. To do so, it is essential to choose reliable and specialists. Sinteco is your automation companion.