Computerized cabinet system for the storage of medications - DRAWER

Pegasus is able to automatically load, store, and collect unit doses for personalized prescriptions. The system is composed of spirals; the number depending upon how many beds are to be served.

Every movement of each sachet is tracked in real time by the Pegasus system supervision, which means that an overview of the magazine situation can be provided instantaneously at any moment.

Pegasus DRAWER is configured to manage medications in drawers for patients divided by the hour.


  • Allows planning and containment of healthcare costs
  • Distribution of medications by specific requests
  • Preparation of prescriptions in real time
  • Return management: inventory maximization
  • Personalized medications via patient drawers
  • ATHENA interface with simple and intuitive control panel
  • Visualization of medications and order replenishments
  • Medication management for emergencies
  • Saves staff time